Outdoor things to do with Kids in Leenane

The Shoreline - As a child growing up in Leenane  my siblings and I spent a lot of time on the shore line of the Killary. Now as a mammy with 2 children it is a place I like to return to. When the tide is out there is a great damp strand that can provide hours of fun, digging trenches, making castles or examining the  Razorfish holes.  Closer to the shoreline the sea also leaves lots of treasures behind for them to find, polished broken glass or pottery and rounded stones in an array of colours.  There’s high speed rock pipits to spot picking at the seaweed, herons doing the one foot stance and shags spreading out their wings to dry.  My two also enjoy clambering over the rocks and peering into the crevices. A feather, a pebble, a shell or crab skeleton is always brought home in the pocket. Wellies go on to negotiate the sloppy seaweed and a snack in my pocket to keep away their hunger and off we go.

Aashleagh Falls -  This picturesque waterfall is just before the river Erriff enters Killary Harbour and is another favorite spot for my pair. After the bridge, where you can see the falls there is a car park to pull into. We then walk back down carefully around the bend, over the bridge and through the gate on the left. Under a canopy of trees this path is part of the Western Way and leads to the side of the falls.  There is something very calming about being under trees for frazzled parents and the kids love it too picking up fir cones along the way. Rather than turning back at the falls you can continue on the path, past the fishery tanks and over the stile. Here the glacier valley can be admired with the Devils Mother on the right and Ben Gorm on the left as you wander along the sheep path with the river on your left. Pack a sandwich for on the trail.