Irish Candle Tin - Irish Soda Bread (Small)

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These popular Irish Candle Tins are here in a choice of 6 unique fragrances. The story behind each fragrance is written on the back of every candle. 'A small bit of Ireland in a tin'.

The smell of the brown bread as it's coming out of the oven is a memory we all have growing up. The warning that if you eat it warm it will stick your guts together was said in our house so it wouldn't be all gone within an hour of it being made. Buttermilk, baking soda, butter, yeast and flour aromas.

Small size tins100gm. Burn time up to 15 hours,  Tins are 65mm diameter and 65mm high.

Also available in a larger size.

About the label; Dalkey Aromatics, an Irish company that make high quality natural fragrance products. They use the finest natural ingredients, including 100% natural biodegradable soy wax, pure cotton wicks, essential oils, and premium fragrances. 

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