Artisan Spotlight: Introducing The Mood Designs

Welcome to the second instalment of our Artisan Spotlight Campaign, where we continue to celebrate the creativity and craftsmanship of local Irish artisans. This month, we're thrilled to introduce "The Mood Designs," a brand deeply inspired by the stunning sea and landscapes of Ireland.

Meet Ella and Lukasz: The Creative Duo Behind The Mood Designs

Ella and Lukasz Szczerbak's journey began with a holiday to Ireland in 2006. Captivated by the friendly people, breathtaking scenery, and quality of life, they decided to make Ireland their home. Their passion for creativity, crafts, and music led them to open The Mood Gallery in 2010, a craft shop that quickly became a hub for local artists and musicians.

Discovering a Passion for Ceramics

The shift from jewellery to ceramics happened almost serendipitously. Ella’s experiments with clay, followed by Lukasz’s initial reluctance, eventually led them both to attend a pottery and ceramics course in Galway. They fell in love with hand-building ceramics, and their new passion became the foundation for their ceramics business.

Crafting Beauty: The Mood Designs’ Unique Style

Inspired by the surrounding Irish scenery, The Mood Designs features two collections: the Sea range and the Rain range. Each piece reflects the natural beauty of the Irish landscape, from the mountains to the ever-changing light of Clew Bay. The unique glaze and use of glass in their ceramics mirror the colours and shapes found in nature.

The Creative Process:

Ella and Lukasz's creative process begins with Ella's drawings, which Lukasz transforms into molds. Liquid clay is poured into the molds and left to dry for a week before being fired, glazed, and refired. Each piece is hand-finished, ensuring that every item is unique with its own variations.

A Studio Born from Passion

Their home and studio, converted from an old horse shed, is nestled in the heart of the West of Ireland, surrounded by the landscapes that inspire their work. The studio is a labour of love, reflecting their dedication to their craft and their environment.

Share a Piece of Irish Beauty

The Mood Designs’ ceramics are more than just objects; they are pieces of Ireland, capturing the spirit and beauty of the Irish sea and landscape. Each product is a testament to Ella and Lukasz’s passion and creativity, making them perfect for any occasion.

Featured Products

Their vibrant Ceramic Brooches, are handcrafted from white stoneware clay and adorned with unique pigmentation patterns, add a splash of color to any outfit and are small, wearable pieces of art. Their palm-sized Ceramic Hearts, perfect as gifts, come with a waxed cotton string for hanging and are hand-finished with The Mood Designs’ signature glaze and glass finish, making them charming additions to any wall.

Join us in celebrating the incredible talent of The Mood Designs and explore their enchanting collection today. Stay tuned for next month’s Artisan Spotlight, where we continue to uncover the stories and creations of Ireland’s finest artisans.